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Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinetry, available in an array of styles, materials and finishes, can set the aesthetic tone of your entire kitchen. While wooden cabinets finished in clear varnish Endorsement_1will give your space an organic mood, a custom-made option will result in a sophisticated, contemporary vibe. Whatever your style, custom kitchen cabinets can turn the heart of your home into a showpiece. Each kitchen combines precision craftsmanship, practical storage solutions and exquisite beauty. Use the ideas showcased here to spark your imagination and see what’s possible with custom kitchen cabinets.

Traditional Cabinets

Traditional CabinetsThis is a traditional cabinet constructed with Hickory wood.Jed’s WoodWorking Hickory Cabinets14Jed’s WoodWorking Hickory Cabinets13Jed’s WoodWorking Hickory Cabinets12Jed’s WoodWorking Hickory Cabinets11Jed’s WoodWorking Hickory Cabinets10Jed’s WoodWorking Hickory Cabinets06Jed’s WoodWorking Hickory Cabinets03Jed’s WoodWorking Hickory Cabinets26Jed’s WoodWorking Hickory Cabinets24Jed’s WoodWorking Hickory Cabinets23Jed’s WoodWorking Hickory Cabinets22Jed’s WoodWorking Hickory Cabinets19Jed’s WoodWorking Hickory Cabinets18Jed’s WoodWorking Hickory Cabinets16

Contemporary Cabinets

Contemporary CabinetsJed’s WoodWorking Contemporary Cabinets02Jed’s WoodWorking Contemporary Cabinets03Jed’s WoodWorking Contemporary Cabinets04Jed’s WoodWorking Contemporary Cabinets05Jed’s WoodWorking Contemporary Cabinets07Jed’s WoodWorking Contemporary Cabinets10Jed’s WoodWorking Contemporary Cabinets12Jed’s WoodWorking Contemporary Cabinets13Jed’s WoodWorking Contemporary Cabinets14Jed’s WoodWorking Contemporary Cabinets15

Old World Cabinets

Old World CabinetsJed’s WoodWorking Black Cabinets01Jed’s WoodWorking Black Cabinets02Jed’s WoodWorking Black Cabinets03Jed’s WoodWorking Black Cabinets04Jed’s WoodWorking Black Cabinets05Jed’s WoodWorking Black Cabinets06Jed’s WoodWorking Black Cabinets07Jed’s WoodWorking Black Cabinets08

White Cabinets

White CabinetsJed’s WoodWorking White Cabinets02Jed’s WoodWorking White Cabinets05Jed’s WoodWorking White Cabinets06Jed’s WoodWorking White Cabinets08Jed’s WoodWorking White Cabinets09Jed’s WoodWorking White Cabinets11Jed’s WoodWorking White Cabinets14JensenOne_Jeds_Leyerzaph_Home-2012-2JensenOne_Jeds_Leyerzaph_Home-2012-6JensenOne_Jeds_Leyerzaph_Home-2012-8JensenOne_Jeds_Leyerzaph_Home-2012-10JensenOne_Jeds_Leyerzaph_Home-2012-16