A native Oregonian, our founder, leader, mentor, boss and friend is Jed Langley.

After graduating from college with a plan to become a science teacher and after a short stint with Nike as a regional sales manager, this world class canoe racer moved with his young wife to Bend so he and his brother could practice in the white waters of Central Oregon.

He found his passion shortly after in a small local cabinet shop. Within a few years Jed opened his own business from his garage and here we are 40 years later!

His ideal for quality, honesty and compassion for others have garnered him a well deserved and respected reputation in our community both as an individual as well as a high quality producing cabinet maker. - "Beth"


I met Beth through a Home Show customer who wanted to capture the back angle on a A-Frame house, and Beth was her designer. The project went well and Beth brought a couple other projects to my shop. The projects were well laid-out and I enjoyed working with her. One day I told her we worked well together and I would like her to work with me, part-time. That lasted about a week before I could see her true value and she became full time. She has an ability to earn the customers trust and contractors as well. She knows when to speak up about design ideas and keeps the customers desires in mind as she does so. She adds a wealth of knowledge to my business as well as her work ethic and delightful personality. She has been with me 17 years and I am please to have her working with me. - " Jed Langley"